Achievements are tasks that you can complete to earn special rewards and level up in Game Worlds. Achievements and badges are not currently available, but you can check their progress here.

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What is an Achievement? Edit

An achievement is a small task that rewards the player with no prize, but they will lead up to Badges which do give rewards. An example of an achievement is to get a hole in one in Minigolf or complete a map of Ball Race without popping.

What is a Badge? Edit

A badge is a difficult task that rewards the player with EXP for the Game World or Plaza game the badge was for, and allows them to level up in that game.

Why Should I Level Up? Edit

Leveling up to a high enough level or completing certain badge tasks can reward the player a special item based off of the Plaza game or Game World you leveled up for (like a Ball Race bumper or Minigolf ball), or a special Catsack containing a prop from the Plaza game or Game World you leveled up on. Props obtainable from these Catsacks will also be available for purchase at Upgrade at any time.

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Trivia Edit

  • Badges have the same role as the Milestones in GMTower.
  • Most of the Milestones from GMTower will return as badges.