The Arcade is a building in the lobby where players can play games that you can find in a regular arcade. It is currently not working at the moment. You can view progress of the Arcade here:

Games Edit

Dizzy Edit

Dizzy is a game where there is a circle of lights. You have to press a button in time to get the light into the jackpot spot. When you get a jackpot, you will get a large amount of tickets.

Skee Ball Edit

In skee ball, the player will be given an amount of balls. There are different spots that will give the player a different amount of points. The player's goal is to make the most points.

Stack 'em Edit

Stack 'em is a game where the player tries to get a tower of squares to reach a line. If the player does this, they will get a prize.

Arcade Machines Edit

Arcade Machines play a game like Space Invaders. Other players can develop games for arcade machines.

Whack a Mole Edit

In Whack a Mole, you have a certain amount of time to hit as many moles as possible with a hammer.

Super Hoopers Edit

In Super Hoopers, your goal is to get as many basketballs in a hoop in a short amount of time as possible.

Wheely Rigged Edit

In Wheely Rigged, your goal is to get as many coins in spinning slots that move in a circle, like a watermill in a short amount of time.

Mas Fuerte 2K Edit

In Mas Fuerte 2K, your goal is to whack a hammer at a spot and try to get lights to reach the top of a tower.

Birb Sky Edit

Birb Sky is Doodle Jump, but with a Little Crusaders style.

Salmon Says Edit

Salmon Says is a game where you press colored buttons according to sounds. Your goal is to get as many points as possible.