Backer items are cosmetic, item, and weapon rewards Tower Unite players receive once starting the game in version and up if they have backed the Tower Unite Indiegogo campaign.

Cosmetic Items Edit

  • Cash Weapon (All Backers)
  • Backer Trophy (All Backers)
  • Speed Shoes (Enthusiast and up)
  • Headphones (Audiophile and up)
  • Fire, Electricity, and Sparkle Special Effects (Power Gamer and up)
  • Golden Watch (Golden Gamer and up)

Custom Rewards Edit

  • Your Name in Credits (All Backers)
  • Your Name on Plaque (All Backers)
  • Your Name on a Brick (Difference Maker and up)
  • Custom Shopkeeper Voice (Custom Gamer and up)
  • Make a Furniture or Apparel Item (Designer and up)
  • Custom Statue (Extreme Difference Maker and up)
  • Custom Boardwalk Attraction (Boardwalk Producer and up)
  • Credited as Co-producer of Tower Unite (Producer Only)

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