Tower Unite Bowling Reveal

Tower Unite Bowling Reveal

Bowling is an attraction that can be found in the boardwalk. It is a long building with a large bowling ball on the top of it. Inside, you can find a party room to your left, 10 playable bowling lanes, and 2 stores to your right.

Gameplay Edit

First, you drag your mouse to where you want your ball to start. You select it's position by left clicking. Next, you move your mouse down, and then up. The faster you do this, the faster the ball will move. Finally, there will be a line in front of your ball that shows the angle it will roll in. For about 5 seconds, you can left and right click to make the ball turn left or right. You have 15 seconds to do this.

Bowling Pro Shop Edit

Bowling balls are sold at the Bowling Pro Shop, but you are immediately given a regular bowling ball. There are 10 different bowling balls purchasable at the Bowling Pro Shop.

  • Chrome Bowling Ball - 10,000 Units
  • Metallic Bowling Ball - 5,000 Units
  • Skull Bowling Ball - 30,000 Units
  • Gold Bowling Ball - 100,000 Units
  • Fireball Bowling Ball - 75,000 Units
  • Plasma Bowling Ball - 90,000 Units
  • Earth Bowling Ball - 50,000 Units
  • Moon Bowling Ball - 50,000 Units
  • Golf Ball Bowling Ball - 15,000 Units
  • 8 Ball Bowling Ball - 15,000 Units
  • Gumball Bowling Ball - 60,000 Units - PLANNED
  • Catball Bowling Ball - 50,000 Units - PLANNED
  • Dogball Bowling Ball - 50,000 Units - PLANNED
  • Normal - Free (Default)

The Pinhead Edit

The Pinhead is a store where you can color and select your bowling ball.

Gallery Edit