Catsacks are redeemable items available for purchase for 1,000 Units and contain a prize. They are the lowest tier of Catsacks, below Silver Catsacks.


Appearance Edit

Catsacks look like sacks, are gray in color, have cat ears and a cute face.

Trivia Edit

  • Catsacks are sold at The Stray and are also won at Spin-To-Win.
  • Catsacks are placeable inside Condos.
  • You can buy silver catsacks at The Stray and you can get gold catsacks from them.
  • When any catsack is opened, they will have a shocked expression, meow, and decompress. Poor kitties.

Items Edit

Catsacks contain mostly common items and have a chance to upgrade to a Silver Catsack. (Although it is very rare)

Catsack Items Edit

  • Potato
  • Clipboard
  • Dick Water
  • Lava Lamp
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Beer Bottle
  • Microwave
  • Monitor
  • Cactus
  • Hula Doll
  • Silver Catsack (Very Rare)

Silver Catsack Items Edit

  • Piano
  • Gold
  • Pile Of Gold
  • Eternally Burning Crab
  • Bag of Units
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine
  • Big TV
  • Laser Projector
  • Treasure Chest o' Units
  • Eternally Frozen Crab
  • Cool Crab
  • Gem
  • Party Crab
  • Metal Melon
  • Gold Catsack (Very Rare)

Gold Catsack Items Edit

  • Potato Gun
  • Party Crab
  • Gold
  • Pile of Gold
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine
  • Flying Turtle
  • Boulder Friend
  • Cosmic Catsack (Very Rare)
  • Shrine

The Cosmic Catsack can't currently be opened. Trying to open it will result in a message stating "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY (coming soon)"

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