Catsacks are redeemable items that when opened will give the player a piece of furniture or an equipable item.There are four variations on catsacks, regular catsacks, silver catsacks, gold catsacks and cosmic catsacks. All catsacks can act as furniture and can be placed within a condo.

Catsacks Edit

Regular Catsacks Edit

Catsacks are grey in colour and resemble a cross between a cat and a sack. They have grey chests, cat ears, large eyes, whiskers and they are sticking out their tongue. Catsacks are available for purchase for 1,000 Units at The Stray or can be won at the Spin-To-Win game in the casino. There are a total of eleven items that can be got through catsacks.

Silver Catsacks Edit

Silver catsacks have the same design as regular catsacks except they are silver in colour and emit silver particles. Silver catsacks can be obtained through opening regular catsacks and can be bought at The Stray for 10,000 Units. There are a total of fifteen items that can be got through silver catsacks.

Gold Catsacks Edit

Gold catsacks have the same design as regular catsacks except they are gold in colour and emit gold particles. Gold catsacks can only be obtained through opening silver catsacks. There are a total of nine items that can be got through gold catsacks.

Cosmic Catsacks Edit

Cosmic Catsacks have the same design as regular catsacks except they are purple in colour, emit purple space particles and have a cosmic effect. Currently, cosmic catsacks do not give any items.

Items Edit

Catsacks contain mostly common items and have a chance to upgrade to a Silver Catsack. (Although it is very rare)

Catsack Items Edit

  • Potato
  • Clipboard
  • Lava Lamp
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Beer Bottle
  • Microwave
  • Monitor
  • Cactus
  • Hula Doll
  • Silver Catsack (Rare)

Silver Catsack Items Edit

  • Piano
  • Gold (Bar)
  • Pile Of Gold
  • Eternally Burning Crab
  • Bag of Units
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine
  • Big TV
  • Laser Projector
  • Treasure Chest o' Units
  • Eternally Frozen Crab
  • Cool Crab
  • Gem
  • Party Crab
  • Metal Melon
  • Gold Catsack (Very Rare)

Gold Catsack Items Edit

  • Boulder Friend
  • Gold (Bar)
  • Potato Gun
  • Gem
  • Party Crab
  • Shrine
  • Always Lucky Slot Machine
  • Flying Turtle (Pet)
  • Cosmic Catsack (Extremely Rare)

Trivia Edit

  • When any catsack is opened, they will have a shocked expression, meow, and decompress. Poor kitties.


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