Condos are usually homes where you can place items you have bought by playing Game Worlds. There are currently 4 condos you can use. Each has their own style and design, as well as varying prices. You can buy condos at Horizon Condos, located on the second floor of Sweet Suite Furnishings.

Community Condos Edit

Community condos are condos that look similar to lobbies and have shops located around the condo. In the future, there will be more condos that will suit being a community condo more. Other condos not suited for being a community condo are planned to have larger versions of them suited for community condos.

Condos Edit

Price: Free (Default Condo)

Condo is a large 2 story home located at a beach. The rooms in Condo are a small bathroom, a large living space, a kitchen, the entrance to a small basement and a door to the porch in the first floor. On the second floor, there is a spare room, a master bedroom, a master closet, and a door to a balcony that leads to the porch on the second floor. The roof of Condo is accessible by the jetpack or by building stairs.

Price: 10,000 Units

Smooth Dirt is a large flat plot of grass with a small platform in the middle of it.

Price: 30,000 Units

Suite is a small apartment room behind the tower surrounded by other suites. Suite has a bathroom, a kitchen, a booth, a living room, a porch and a backyard, a second floor with a closet and a balcony looking down at the living room.

Price: 150,000 Units

When you spawn, you will find a kitchen to your left, a living room and a deck to your front, and a bathroom, the sad boy closet, stairs leading to the basement, and a large master bedroom to your right. At the basement, you will find a living room, a small kitchen connected to the living room, a boiler room, an office, a bathroom, a pantry, and a large bedroom. Outside, you will see a garage, 2 more houses that are locked, an empty lot, and a large backyard.

Price: 400,000 Units

In Underwater, you spawn in a large circular room with a balcony looking down at it. There are doors around the room leading to small and large rooms with windows looking out into the ocean floor. The second floor has rooms looking at the ocean floor like the first floor, but it also has a bathroom. There is a basement that has a pool and an airlock to explore the ocean floor. The ocean floor has coral around the floor and fish swimming around. There are also lights and paths leading to 4 satellite condos. The satellite condos are like smaller versions of the main condo.

Price: 175,000 Units

Highrise is set in a city, with the penthouse in the tallest building in the city. Most of the rooms in this condo will be in more abstract shapes than all of the other condos and includes a swimming pool. There are 2 floors.

Price: 20,000 Units

Art Studio is an art studio. There are 3 rooms in Art Studio. One is a recording room with a large blank screen and 2 large lights and a spotlight that can be recolored. Another one is an audio room with sound a diffuser panel and an acoustic foam panel. The third room is an upstairs lounge with windows looking down at the 2 other rooms.

Upcoming Condos Edit

Price: Unknown

Lobby One is a remake of Lobby One from GMod Tower and was previously known as Project 39. In Lobby One you can find the transit station, the main lobby, the theater, the shopping space, the arcade, the teleporter rooms, the suite lobby with the Suite condo built in, the Gameworld port, The Outside area, and every secret area that was in Lobby 1. Lobby is expected to release around when community condos are released. You can view progress of lobby One here.

Gallery Edit

Fun Facts Edit

  • Suite is a remastered version of the Suite found in Lobby 1 of GMod Tower.
  • Changing the time of day rapidly may cause a yacht to appear in the distance on the ocean in Condo, though sadly this is client side only, so your friends won't see it when you do!
  • Smooth Dirt is based on the old version of the Garry's Mod map, Flatgrass.
  • It takes 8 minutes to reach the edge of Smooth Dirt by flying in the jetpack with speed shoes equipped.
  • It takes 2 minutes to reach the edge of Smooth Dirt by sprinting in an inflatable boat with speed shoes equipped.
  • You can change the weather in condos by holding C and clicking on the Environment options button.
  • In Highrise Penthouse, when it's nighttime the buildings in the backgrounds' lights will turn on.
  • Underwater Home is the first community condo.
  • In the underwater condo, you can find a tree wearing scuba gear, referencing Spongebob Squarepants.

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