Fishing is an upcoming activity at the oceans and lakes of the Lobby and condos. You can view progress of Fishing here.

Gameplay Edit

Part 1: Catching The Fish Edit

To start fishing, you must buy a fishing rod for 5,000 units at McCluckin's Bait Shop, and buy bait. Left click to throw your bobber into the water, and then wait for a fish to appear. Move your bobber to attract your fish to it, and then when the fish bites your bobber, click to start reeling in the fish.

Part 2: Reeling in The Fish Edit

Once you have started reeling in the fish, you will have to struggle to catch it. Once you have caught the fish, you can sell it for units or cook it (not out yet) and you will unlock information about the fish you caught in your fishing book. (More info soon!)

Fishing Items Edit

Caught Items Edit

This is a list of items you can catch while fishing.

  • Reef Butterflyfish
  • Blue Tang
  • Yellow Tang
  • Yellow Tropical Fish
  • Orange Tropical Fish
  • Colorful Tropical Fish
  • Long Yellow Tropical Fish
  • Blue Silver Tropical Fish
  • Blue Yellow Tropical Fish
  • Frontosa
  • Yellowtail Fusilier
  • Yellowtail Clownfish
  • Clownfish
  • Tomato Clownfish
  • Angelfish
  • Tin Can
  • Quarter
  • Crab

Baits Edit

You can place baits on your fishing rod that will help you catch a specific type of fish.

This is a list of baits you can buy.

  • More info soon!