Horror Hill is a planned Game World in Tower Unite.

You can view progress of Horror Hill here.

Horror Hill
The art used on the Indiegogo page.
No. of Players 8
Controls Keyboard & Mouse
Launched N/A
No. of Achievements N/A

Inspirations Edit

  • The Haunting: The idea of scaring people
  • Geist: The ability to possess most objects
  • A board game known as Betrayal at House on the Hill: For the idea of rooms being randomly spawned
  • Eternal Darkness: The sanity meter

Gameplay Edit

One team of four players is selected as the Ghost Hunters. The other four are Ghosts. The Ghosts have the ability to scare players and possess objects. The map is randomly generated each time the game starts, with a scary, mansion type theme somewhat like Luigi's Mansion. A Sanity Meter will be added (perhaps as another name for health, or they have to regenerate sanity to be able to fight Ghosts). The Ghost Hunters must complete a set of tasks to win, while the Ghosts try to stop them.