Little Crusaders
The Little Crusaders Logo.
No. of Players 3-8
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched 25 February 2017
No. of Achievements Unknown
Little Crusaders is a Game World in Tower Unite. In GMTower, (The predecessor of Tower Unite) the game was originally named "Ultimate Chimera Hunt" and was themed after Mother 3, featuring the Ultimate Chimera and the Pigmasks. This was changed to a dragon and knights due to copyright issues.

Little Crusaders can be played by going on the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Little Crusaders' logo, and clicking on a server and clicking on "Join".


In Little Crusaders 2-7 players are selected as the knights and 1 player is selected as the dragon. The knights' goal is to deactivate the dragon by either pressing its button or by throwing Birb the bird at it 2 times. The dragon's goal is to kill all the knights by eating them or stomping on them. The dragon can scare the knights and tail whip them away from its button.


In Throne Room, the dragon has entered the royal quarters of the king of the kingdom. On each side of the room, booths and balconies can be seen for royal conferences, with a carpet leading to the king's throne in the center.

In Market, the knights are confronted by the dragon in their own home town. The town is mainly wide open streets, with medieval-styled homes on each side of the road. There is also a sewer system under the town accessable from a well.

In Amphitheatre, the knights are pit against the dragon for thousands to watch! On the sides of the amphitheatre, the knights can run across paths accessable by stairs, but the dragon fly to the

In Toy Room, the knights and dragons have been shrunk into a kid's toy bin and the knights must stop the dragon from eating them. All of the areas of this bin are made of toys like Lego, wooden train tracks, and wooden building blocks.

Upcoming MapsEdit

After millions of years in the making, you can finally see the pigmasks today, at Jurrasic Pork! You can view progress of Jurassic Pork here.

Controls and Features Edit

Dragon Controls/Features Edit

If the Dragon chomps close enough to a knight, the knight will be eaten and become a ghost. If the Dragon chomps Birb the Bird, it will also be eaten, and therefore unable to be utilized against the Dragon.

Running makes the Dragon move faster. This slowly drains the Dragon's stamina.

When the Dragon presses space, it will jump. It can flutter in mid-air until its stamina runs out. The Dragon's stamina will recharge over time. If the Dragon lands on a Knight, it will flatten and kill the Knight, turning them into a ghost.

When the Dragon right clicks, it will roar and scare all Knights close to it, within a radius. While a Knight is scared, they temporarily lose the ability to run and interact. When Birb the Bird is scared, it will fly up, out of reach of the Knights, until it isn't scared anymore. There is a cooldown for scaring Knights.

The tail swipe knocks back Knights close enough to the back of the Dragon. This ability has a cooldown.

Knight Controls/Features Edit

When a Knight picks up Birb, they will be able to throw it at the Dragon to temporarily stun it.

Running makes the knight move faster. This slowly drains the Knight's stamina.

Pressing E or Left Click on the Dragon's back will disable the Dragon. Press E or Left Click on Birb the Bird to pick it up.

When you turn the Dragon off, you will rank up. Every rank from first to last is Esquire (Pink), Knight (Green), Baron (Blue), and Count (White, with cape).

Right clicking makes you salute or taunt. Knights are forced to stand still while taunting, and must allow the taunt to finish before moving again. You will get a new taunt as a count.

Ghost Controls/Features Edit

When you hold space, you will fly up.

When you hold shift while flying, you will float in the air without falling.

If you die as an esquire, you get nothing. If you die as a knight, you get a meed. If you die as a baron, you get a meed and a turkey leg. If you die as a count, you get a holy grail and a turkey leg.

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