Minigolf Logo
The Minigolf Logo
No. of Players 2-16
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched Late 2015
No. of Achievements Unknown

Minigolf is a relaxing, but action filled game world based on its real life counterpart. Sit back and play with your friends on various 18-hole courses while competing to get the lowest score.

Like Ball Race, each level has its own themes with their own dangers and quirks. From water hazards to bottomless pitfalls, each level throws you straight into the action as all players putt simultaneously in hope of getting a hole-in-one!

Minigolf can be played by going on the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Minigolf's logo, and clicking on a server and clicking on "Join".

Maps Edit


Difficulty: Medium

Garden is a map set in Japan, surrounded with cherry blossom trees. This map features bongos that bounce the golf ball and gongs that make a loud noise when a ball hits it.

Difficulty: Easy

Waterhole is a map set in a small forest surrounding a lake. This map features boosters, rolling barrels, and a cart that carries the golf ball.

Difficulty: Hard

Altitude is a map set in in the clouds. This map features turbines that throw the ball up and boosters.

Difficulty: Medium

Alpine is a map set in a snowy tundra. This map features ice that increases friction for the ball, making it go further.

Difficulty: Medium

Emission is a map on a distant planet from Earth. This map features laser bridges, laser walls, and teleporters along with upside down courses.

Difficulty: Easy

Treasure Cove is a map set on a sunny beach. This map features pirate ships, spinning wheels, and cannons.

Difficulty: Hard

Sweet Tooth is a map set on hills of ice cream. A chocolate waterfall, a chocolate lake, rock candy lollipops, a Ring Pop and lollipops can be seen in the background of the map. This map features chocolate tunnels, chocolate vortexes, and ice.

Difficulty: Medium

Forest is a map set in a forest. Forest features elevators and moving platforms. Forest is a remake of the Forest map in GMod Tower.

Work In ProgressEdit

Difficulty: Unknown

Odyssey is a map set on the whole solar system. You can view progress of Odyssey here.

Difficulty: Unknown

A developer of Tower Unite said that they are planning to recreate the Karafuru Gardens map from GMod Tower on the Tower Unite forums.

Controls Edit

(Hold Right Mouse Button and Move Mouse) Move Camera Edit

When you hold the right mouse button and move the mouse, your camera will move.

(Left Mouse Button and Move Mouse) Putt Edit

When left clicking, your golf ball will be putted in the direction an arrow controlled by your mouse is facing.

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