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Minigolf Logo
The Minigolf Logo
No. of Players 2-16
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched Late 2015
No. of Achievements Unknown

Gameplay Edit

Like Ball Race, each map has their own theme with their own dangers and quirks. From water hazards to bottomless pitfalls, each level throws you straight into the action as all players putt simultaneously in hope of getting a hole-in-one!

Minigolf can be played by going to the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Minigolf's logo, clicking on a server name, and clicking on "Join". You can also join by queuing up for a game in the official matchmaking server.

Ranks (Coming Soon) Edit

These will be all the ranks available for Minigolf.

  • Hack
  • Amateur
  • Seasoned
  • Pro
  • Tour Pro
  • Master
  • Legend
  • Gold Legend
  • Diamond Legend

Maps Edit

Released Maps Edit

MG Garden
Difficulty: Medium

In Garden, you travel in a land filled with cherry blossom trees, and putting through Japanese architecture. While doing this, you can find bouncy bongo drums and hit gongs.

MG Waterhole
Difficulty: Easy

In Waterhole, you go around a lake while going through speed boosters, riding a small cart, and avoiding rolling barrels.

MG Altitude
Difficulty: Hard

In Altitude, you putt hundreds of meters in the sky, and the only things holding you up are wind turbines. Don't look down!

MG Alpine
Difficulty: Medium

In Alpine, you go around a tundra completely covered in snow, while slipping uncontrollably on the ice.

MG Emission
Difficulty: Medium

In Emission, you putt on a planet far away from Earth, while putting on bridges and walls made of lasers, and going through teleporters, and even experiencing Minigolf upside down.

MG Treasure
Difficulty: Easy

In Treasure Cove, you take a vacation where pirate ships are parked, while launching your golf ball through cannons.

MG Sweet
Difficulty: Hard

In Sweet Tooth, you putt around a land made entirely out of ice cream, candies, and melted chocolate lakes.

MG Forest
Difficulty: Medium

In forest, you take a trip around the woods, putting on moving platforms and even elevators. Forest is a remake of the Forest map in GMod Tower.

Difficulty: Hard

In Kingdom, adventure the river lands, market town and castle grounds of a kingdom!

Upcoming Maps Edit

Difficulty: Unknown

In Odyssey, you take a randomized course around the planets, moons, and asteroids of the solar system! You can view progress of Odyssey here.

Controls Edit

(Hold Right Mouse Button and Move Mouse) Move Camera Edit

When you hold the right mouse button and move the mouse, your camera will move.

(Left Mouse Button and Move Mouse) Putt Edit

When left clicking, your golf ball will be putted in the direction an arrow controlled by your mouse is facing.