Planet Panic! is an alpha Gameworld in Tower Unite.

In the future, Planet Panic will be completely redesigned. You can view progress here.

Planet Panic can be played by going on the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Planet Panic's logo, and clicking on a server and clicking on "Join".

Planet Panic!
Panic Planet Logo
The Planet Panic Logo.
No. of Players 2-8
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched March 2016
No. of Achievements Unknown

Gameplay Edit

Everyone is separated into two teams (cats and dogs). Each team tries to collect as many orbs as possible, for their own kind. This is done by taking the orbs and dropping them into their team's orb collector. Players can shoot at the enemy team to kill them, but the enemy will re-spawn. The maximum orbs that can spawn is 25.

All MapsEdit

Released Maps Edit

Hillside is set in the country. There are 2 walls in front of the spawns of the 2 teams on the left and right side of the map, which is also where the orbs are dropped. There are 2 bridges going over a lake, which surrounds an island where the orbs spawn.

Upcoming Maps Edit

Fort is set in a forest. There are 2 castles at the left and right of the map, which are where the cats and dogs spawn and is also where they drop their orbs. In each castle, there is an cat or dog with a robe and a crown on, a cat being in the cats' spawn and a dog in the dogs' spawn. The orbs are collected in the center of the map, which is a small island with a wall in the middle of it. You can view progress of Fort here:

Power Ups (Unreleased) Edit

Rapid Fire Edit

The firing speed of the UFO's cannon will be increased for a short amount of time.

Speed Up Edit

Increases the speed of the UFO for a short amount of time.

Stealth Edit

Makes your UFO invisible for a short amount of time.

Metal Armor Edit

Gives your UFO a metal coat of armor that will block your UFO from being broken until it breaks or for a short amount of time.

Vaccum Edit

Orbs will automatically be absorbed into your UFO for a short amount of time.

Controls Edit

(W,A,S,D) Move Edit

Pressing W, A, S, or D will make your UFO move.

(Left Click) Shoot Edit

Left Clicking will make your UFO shoot out a yellow ball that damages the enemy.

(Right Click) Drop Orb Edit

Right clicking will drop an orb that your UFO is holding.

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