Plaza Events are short events that happen throughout the plaza. There are 3 types of events: Major events, Minor events, and whisper events. The Event Catsack will tell you what the event is and where it's happening, unless it's a whisper event.

You can view seasonal event Plaza Events here.

Gameplay Edit

Major Events Edit

Major events are usually minigames that happen throughout the lobby.

  • Balloon Shoot is a game that occurs at the fountain in front of the transit station. In Balloon Shoot, you shoot balloons with a gun and try to reach a high score. This event has a leaderboard. (unreleased)
  • Cutout Smash is a game where you whack as many cutouts as you can. (unreleased)
  • Meteor Dodge is a game where you try to not get smashed by meteors coming from the sky. (unreleased)
  • Chainsaw Battle is a game where you try to kill as many people as you can with a chainsaw. (unreleased)
  • Sometimes stores will have a sale on their items. (unreleased)
  • 3 more major events that haven't been revealed yet.

Minor Events Edit

Minor Events are usually a small change in something, like finding new items.

  • You can find new items to find with your metal detector on the beach. (Unreleased)
  • 7 more minor events that haven't been revealed yet.

Whisper Events Edit

Whisper Events are events that the Event Catsack doesn't tell you where or what they are.

  • There are 10 whisper events that have not been revealed yet.