Potions are Items that can change the size of the Player.

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Effects In Game Description
Normal Potion 150 Resets the Player to the default size. "Drank some weird size potion? This drink will reverse it."
Large Potion 1000 Grows the Player to a large size. "Become large with this magical drink."
Slightly Bigger Potion 500 Grows the Player to a slightly bigger size. "Be a little bit taller with this magical drink."
Medium Potion 500 Shrinks the Player to a slightly smaller size. "Lose a little height with this magical drink."
Small Potion 1000 Shrinks the Player to a smaller size. "Become small with this magical drink."
Tiny Potion 2500U Shrinks he Player to a very small size. "Become extremely small with this magical drink."

There are also items that have the ''Potion Ingredient'' description on them, such as the Eternally Burning Crab, however there aren't any ways to make potions with them, yet.

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