Slaughterday Night Live is a planned Game World in Tower Unite. It is a recreation of the game PVP Battle from GMod Tower.

Slaughterday Night Live
The Logo for Slaughterday Night Live.
No. of Players N/A
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched N/A
No. of Achievements N/A

You can view progress of Slaughterday Night Live here.

Gameplay Edit

Slaughterday Night Live is a fast-pace free-for-all PVP deathmatch. Players will pick up weapons from around the map (similar to Quake) and use them to fight each other in a deathmatch. There are multiple rounds in each game, and players will be ranked each round for Unit distribution based on their kills and deaths.

Maps Edit

In Containership, groups of people battle on a ship filled with containers of rubber duckies for television viewers. Fun Fact: Containership is based off of Containership from GMTower!

You can view progress of Containership here.

In Ancient Ruins, groups of people battle at a town made by an ancient civilization.

You can view progress of Ancient Ruins here.

In Hell, everyone fights deep below the earth around architecture made mostly of bones while avoiding fire and magma.