Steam Workshop support allows anyone to port models or make maps for Tower Unite.

View the Steam Workshop guidelines here.

Addon Types Edit

Items Edit

Items are placeable objects for your condo. You can make them static objects or physics items that can be picked up.

Player Models Edit

Player Models are models that anyone can play as.

Upcoming Edit

These addon types will be released after

  • Game World Maps
  • Condos
  • Pets
  • Customizable Items

In-Game Editor Edit


Submitting a Model in the In-Game Editor.

The in-game editor allows anyone to import, preview, update and upload items for the Workshop.

In the in-game editor, you can:

  • Import .smd, .dae, and .obj files*.
  • Preview items and player models.
  • Upload models to the Steam Workshop.
  • Change the offsets of hats for playermodels.

*.dae files are recommended for uploading workshop items.

(All models must be under 40MB large and have under 30k vertices. You can disable the 30k vertices limit if you want to.)

Upcoming Features Edit

  • You will use in-game editing for making Workshop condos or Game World maps.
  • You will also be able to import a map using a .dat file.
  • You will be able to select which materials will get turned into a media player.