Steam Workshop support will allow anyone to port models to Tower Unite. Workshop support will be added in and you can see its progress here.

Download the player model rig here!

Addon Types Edit

Furniture Edit

Furniture items can't be picked up or interacted with.

Physics Edit

Physics items can be picked up and thrown.

Pets Edit

Pets follow you by either floating or rolling around.

Player Models Edit

Player Models are models that anyone can play as.

Upcoming Edit

These addon types will be released after

  • Game World Maps
  • Condos

In-Game Editor Edit


Submitting a Model in the In-Game Editor.

The in-game editor will allow anyone to import, preview, update and upload items for the Workshop. You can change the height of items or playermodels, give playermodels custom weapon and hat offsets, and upload models to the workshop.

You can import .smd, .dae, or other files. All models must be under 40MB large and have under 30k vertices. You can disable the 30k vertices limit if you want to.

(More info soon)