What is The Boardwalk? Edit


The Boardwalk is an area within the Tower Unite lobby which is set in a beach setting by a body of water. There are many different things to do already and more things planned in The Boardwalk, such as Typing Derby and the Ferris Wheel. It's a casual place for people to hang out in, purchase items, and play small minigames within the Plaza.


What is there to do? Edit

Currently, you are available to do the following things at The Boardwalk:

  • Mess around on the beach
  • Test your typing skills with others at Typing Derby
  • Have a peaceful, scenic ride on the Ferris Wheel
  • Buy things like fireworks and the Confetti Gun at Celebrations (The Milk Carton's favorite)
  • Buy some food at Fresh
  • Bowl for strikes in Bowling
  • Watch videos with your friends at the beach houses
  • Buy some beach related items at Oasis
  • Zap your friends in the chest at Laser Tag

What is Planned? Edit

There are many exciting things that are planned for The Boardwalk, that include:

  • Fighting aliens at the Shooting Gallery Ride
  • Bumper Cars
  • Poseidon (Rollercoaster)
  • Kamikaze (Ride)
  • ...and much more in the future!

Where is the boardwalk? Edit

The Boardwalk is an area connected to the Plaza. Exiting the Train Station, go straight ahead until you find a large arch labeled "Boardwalk". Walk through, and voila. You're there! Or, you can take the launcher located above the Transit Station.

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