Units are the currency of Tower Unite. Most items within Tower Unite are purchased with Units, or come out of items bought with them. They can be earned from Game Worlds, Lobby Games, The Casino, etc.

Obtaining Units Edit

Currently, the only ways to earn units are:

  • Ball Race (depends on player performance)
  • Minigolf (depends on player performance)
  • Virus (depends on player performance)
  • Planet Panic (depends on player performance)
  • Little Crusaders (depends on player performance)
  • Playing lobby games (Trivia, Typing Derby, Bowling. Depends on player performance)
  • The Casino (luck-based)
  • Selling Objects (varies by item)


  • Arcade (possibly)
  • Fishing
  • Upcoming Game Worlds (depends on player performance)

Losing Units Edit

Currently, the only ways to lose units are:

  • Buying items
  • Purchasing a new condo
  • Losing a casino game (luck based)


  • Losing a duel
Screenshot 4

The symbol for units.

Alpha Edit

In the early alpha, all players had infinite units and Game Worlds did not distribute Units. In the later stages of the alpha, the Unit system was implemented, with Game Worlds distributing Units according to game performance; however, players still started with a large amount of Units.