Virus Logo 2
The Virus Logo.
No. of Players 4-12
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched April 2016
No. of Achievements Unknown

Virus is a beta Game World in Tower Unite. It is based on the Virus mode from the TimeSplitters series.

Virus can be played by going on the main menu of Tower Unite, clicking Virus's logo, and clicking on a server and clicking on "Join".

Gameplay Edit

In Virus, one player is randomly selected as the "infected" while the rest are "survivors". The survivors must try to kill the infected with a range of weapons, which are randomly selected upon round start. The infected player must try to infect the survivors by touching them. If all of the survivors become infected, the infected win the round. If the survivors survive until the timer runs out, they win the round.



Hospital is set in a hospital, based off of the Hospital map in GMod Tower. This map has winding hallways, as well as a couple of rooms for more open gameplay.

Desertion is set in a small village in a desert, based off of the Dust map in GMod Tower. Desertion is a re-imagining of Dust, having new aesthetics and a reworked underground.

Overtime is an office-themed map. It looks similar to Hospital. There are many hallways and about 4 office rooms.

Subway is a map in a subway with many halls in it. In some halls you can find vending machines. Subway is supposed to take place shortly after the infection in Virus started.

Upcoming Maps Edit

Solar is a map set in a space station next to a star. The layout of Solar is based off of the Riposte map from GMod Tower. You can view progress of Solar here.

Controls Edit

(W,A,S,D) Move Edit

You will move when you press W,A,S, or D.

(Left Mouse Button) Shoot Edit

Left clicking will make you shoot your weapon.

(C) Use Adrenaline Edit

Pressing C will use your adrenaline.

(Mouse Scroll/Number Keys) Change Weapon Edit

Scrolling your middle mouse button or pressing the number keys will change your weapon.

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