Zombie Massacre the next Game World to be added to Tower Unite. It is a top-down zombie shooter. You can view progress of Zombie Massacre here.

Zombie Massacre
The Logo For Zombie Massacre.
No. of Players 4-6
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
Launched N/A
No. of Achievements N/A

Gameplay Edit

Multiplayer Mode Edit

In Multiplayer mode, you are placed in the map with 3 to 5 other players and must try to defend each other from hordes of the undead as possible before the day ends. Before each day, players will be able to select their class. These different classes have different skills that aid in killing the zombie horde. Each player starts each day with only a pistol that has infinite ammo. When zombies are killed, some will randomly drop a random weapon. Each day lasts for 1-3 minutes, and at the end of each day a helicopter will pick the survivors up. On the last day, a boss will appear. Bosses do lots of damage and have multiple health bars.

Classes Edit

In Multiplayer mode, you can choose between 7 unique classes with one standard ability and one combo ability. Combo abilities are earned by killing 5 zombies in a row without dying.

The Doctor uses their abilities to heal their teammates while fighting zombies.

  • Ability - Healing kit - The doctor places down a healing kit that heals teammates around it.
  • Combo - Transplant - The doctor creates beams that drain the life from the undead and gives it to their teammates.

The Electrician makes contraptions to kill zombies.

  • Ability - Homemade Turret - The turret locks on to the closest zombies to it and kills them.
  • Combo - Tesla Zap - Kills zombies with a long range shock around the electrician.

The Journalist uses their recording tools to blind and deafen zombies.

  • Ability - Radio Tower - Creates a wave of sound that kills any zombies around it.
  • Combo - Camera Flash - The journalist flashes their camera to blind hordes of the undead to death.

The Mercenary uses their provided tools and weapons to kill zombies.

  • Ability - Orbital Laser - A pole placed by the mercenary sends down bombs to blow up any zombies who walk in its radius.
  • Combo - Focus Shoot - The mercenary's gun will lock on to zombies near it.

The Survivor uses resources from the ruins of cities and towns to make weapons to defend themselves.

  • Ability - Blade Trap - A trap made by a pole, bricks, and metal roofing that kills any zombie that runs into it.
  • Combo - Ramming Shield - ???

The scientist uses their research to make powerful weapons to exterminate the undead. (unrevealed)

  • Ability - Black Hole - A black hole created by the scientist sucks in and kills any zombies who walk in its radius.
  • Combo - ??? - This ability is currently unrevealed.

The Maniac uses their extremely dangerous weapons to exterminate any zombies they see.

  • Ability - Makeshift Bomb - This ability's function is currently unrevealed.
  • Combo - ??? - This ability is currently unrevealed.

Weapons Edit

In Multiplayer mode, weapons will sometimes drop from zombies when killed. This is a list of all confirmed weapons.

  • Katana
  • Baseball Bat
  • Retro Guitar
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Medieval Sword
  • Handgun
  • Magnum
  • Dual UZI
  • M4A1
  • Laser Rifle
  • Spas-12
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Crossbow
  • Minigun
  • Flamethrower

Boosters Edit

Boosters are small upgrades that give you advantages for fighting against the undead. These upgrades will cost you points earned in the previous round, and could range from faster movement speed to more weapon damage.

Multiplayer Maps Edit

In Gasoline, your stranded with others at a gas station ironically named 'Hell' during the middle of the night. Fun Fact: Gasoline is based off of Gasoline from GMTower! You can view Gasoline's progress here.

This map was announced on a weekly dev log. Nothing is known about this map's aesthetic or layout, besides that it will be in a Biohazard Lab.

In Compound, you and your friends try to get away from the undead at a compound. You can view Compound's progress here.

In Trainyard, everyone massacres zombies at the trainyard. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the rails! Fun Fact: Trainyard is based off of Trainyard from GMTower! You can view Trainyard's progress here.

Campaign Mode Edit

In Campaign mode, you are lost somewhere alone and have to exit without being swarmed by the undead. (more info soon!)

Campaign Maps Edit

You are lost in a forest and you have to find a way out. However, you're not the only one stuck here, and it happens that everybody else here has an appetite for human flesh.